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Other Class Information

Field Trips -  We will be taking various field trips related to the curriculum throughout the year.  You will be notified regarding them as they are organized.  We will also have speakers come into the classroom to speak on topics.

Report Cards - Grades are based on many criteria: in class participation and attitude, homework, extra-credit assignments, as well as quizzes and tests.  Effort is very important.

Birthdays - Treats are welcome--try to let us know a day or two in advance so we can plan.  Birthday treats are shared at lunchtime after the students finish eating their lunches.

Scholastic Book Orders -  These will be offered on a monthly basis.  Cash or a check made out to Arrow will be accepted.

School to Home Newslietter -  This newsletter will be sent home on Fridays to give parents a "week at a glance".  It will keep you informed as to what we do in class each week.  Included will be upcoming test dates and long term project information.

Organization -  We will work on organizationsl skills in fourth grade.  This is an essential skill and will help students toward future success.

Students Need:

Materials (ALL supplies in class always!
  Piece of literature to read independently each day.
FOLDERS - 1 "take home" folder to transport returned papers home
    1 Desk folder for papers kept in school