Technology Class                                                                                   

Library Media Center

The Library Media Center is open every day, all day, and is staffed full time with a teacher trained to facilitate technology and learning. The Technology Integration Instructors collaborate with the classroom teachers in their use of technology in their daily curriculum and class projects.

Each class has a scheduled 40 minutes every week in which the classroom teacher brings students to the LMC. Additioanal time in the LMC is available throughout the week as needed by each teacher.  Technology education is also taught during students scheduled Library class time throughout the year.

Tech integration may take the form of doing projects in the LMC and in the classroom using Google Docs, Google Slides, email, research, educational websites, as well as through the use of Kindles, Ipads and Smartboards in the classrooms.


Social Media Safety

We have discussed the use of social apps and the importance of privacy and appropriate use when using technology. The best place to start is to look at your child’s device (iPod, iPad or iPhone) and each App that is installed on it. Our topic at the meeting was Instagram, as that is the popular App today, however, periodic checks of your child’s technology device(s) is an important step to keeping them safe online. While we constantly teach the students about privacy online, as well as appropriate use, YOU are the best line of defense to keep your child safe.

Below are some of the steps you can take if you find that your child is using Instagram.

  1. Obtain child’s user name and password for Instagram
  2. Change status of account to private
  3. Change online name to something that does not include the child’s first or last name
  4. Review who they are following and who is following them…..Delete individuals that your child does not know personally
  5. Review your child’s posts (photos and comments) and discuss appropriate use of technology
  6. Share with your child the need to keep personal information off of social networking sites (phone no., address, family info)
  7. If you wish to delete the Instagram account, follow the necessary steps on the Instagram website or use this wiki web site that outlines the steps to delete the account. Child’s user name and password will be needed. As we discussed, deleting an account may take some time so, we suggest changing the status and user name FIRST until you can get the account deleted. DELETING THE APP FROM THE DEVICE DOES NOT DELETE THE ACCOUNT. The request to delete the account must happen through the Instagram website.