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The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a group of dedicated parents and teacher representatives that meet monthly to offer fun family activities and coordinate comprehensive after school offerings for our students. The PTA also enhances the school building with upgrades and supports the teachers as the needs arise. The PTA is always looking for more motivated participants! Please attend our next meeting!

PTA Meeting Minutes

Missed a meeting…..Look for PTA Meeting Minutes here


PTA Officers 2019-2020

  • President:    Kelly Shetsky                          
  • Vice President: Samantha Herron 
  • Treasurer: Leigh Marquis
    Asst Treasurer:  Rick DiFusco
  • Secretary: Kate Eberline

Room Parents 

 Pre-K Room Parent:  Sam Herron and Shilpa Gowda Kabbli

Supporting Volunteers: : Brenna Brown, Theresa Ranieri, Danielle LaFace, Andrea Ashline


Room Parents: : Tessa Heyer and Courtney Moltion

Supporting Volunteers: Jenn Wilbur, Marianne Fricke, Cynthia Reynolds, Katie Groat

 1st Grade

Room Parents: : Kate Eberline

Supporting Volunteers: Rick DiFusco, Sharon DiFusco, Katie Kilmartin, Taylor Clark

 Second Grade 

Room Parents: Amy Renna 

Supporting Volunteers: Taylor Clark, Nicole Mullen, Annie Taylor, Katie Groat, Maria Reed,
Andrea Bennett, Katherina Searing

 Third Grade

Room Parents: Taylor Clark, Jolie Johnston, and Tina Krupa

Supporting Volunteers: Joe Hens, Rick DiFusco, Sharon DiFusco, Christine Julka, Tessa
Heyer, Anna Watkins

 Fourth Grade

Room Parents: Katherina Searing and Megan Emmons

Supporting Volunteers: Jolie Johnston, Kelly Shetsky, Jenn Wilbur

 Fifth Grade

Room Parent: Claudia Kosty and Catherine Giamartino

Supporting Volunteers: Debbie Juliano, Tina Krupa, Mary Rodman

 Sixth Grade
Room Parents: Lisa Bannon, Val Zimmerman, and Mary Radford