The Holy Cross Principal’s Advisory Council is a consultative body appointed by the Principal and Pastor that shall have the following functions, duties and responsibilities:

  • To provide advice, insight, expertise and recommendations with regard to policies, issues and programs in those areas identified by the Principal and Pastor
  • To analyze and assess the short and long term goals of Holy Cross in light of its’ Mission Statement and Middle States Association evaluation and goal recommendations
  • To assess the need for and or recommend any changes to student fees to be charged by Holy Cross
  • To provide input to the Pastor and/or Superintendent regarding the performance of the Principal

Decision Making Process:

As an advisory body, the PAC can make recommendations to the Principal and Pastor regarding issues brought forth to the council.  Though they are non binding, it is hoped that through constructive and positive discussion, consensus can be reached. The only function requiring participants to vote is when recommending a change in Hoy Cross student fees..

Relationship with the Syracuse Diocese Catholic Schools Office:

The PAC has no authority separate from the Catholic School Office, Superintendent, and/or Principal/Pastor.  Nor does it have authority or responsibility with regard to matters involving curriculum, personnel, or personal issues about individual students.

The Principal shall implement the policies promulgated by the Superintendent.  The PAC shall implement such policies, guidance and direction as the Superintendent provides, insuring that PAC recommendations are consistent with those of the Superintendent.