Holy Cross School takes great pride in offering more clubs than many other area schools. From STEM activities and athletics, to art and mindfulness, Holy Cross regards extracurricular activities and clubs as a positive and meaningful contribution to the lives of our students. A child’s education does not take place only in the classroom during regular school hours. Hence, our afterschool activities can be an invaluable setting for a child’s continued personal and academic growth.

According to research, children’s grades, study habits and behavior all improve when they attend regular after school clubs and team sports. Our school activities provide an ideal environment in which to nurture social skills and confidence.

Holy Cross School’s clubs provide students with:

  • Engaging activities which develop and strengthen character, leadership skills, and social skills.
  • Activities outside the classroom which enlarge the interest and knowledge that would not otherwise be achieved outside of the classroom environment.
  • Opportunities to discover a talent that translates into a source of confidence or passion.